Eric_Deschamps - Photographer

I've always been in love with nature. I enjoy the simple things found around me from the vast landforms of my surroundings to the tiny details of what it is made out of. Through my photography, I found a way to better connect and appreciate its beauty and simplicity.

Photography is a hobby at first. My journey brought me to explore different techniques. I am most confident creating photos that are framed in their natural setting. 

As my photography skills evolved, so have my interest in portraiture.  recently, I have been experimenting with portraiture and light shaping. Creating portraits that are balanced with artificial light which produce various effects is INSPIRING and rewarding.  Transmitting the true essence of my subjects is my foremost goal.

Inspired by many great photographers, I take from their expertise and techniques that i seek to emulate into my own style.

I hope you enjoy my work. I hope i get to work with you.